Dolphin Bay Whale Beach


Completed: 2009

Architect Andrew Coomer

Photographer: Andrew Krucko

Our clients were fortunate to acquire one of the last remaining vacant lots on the northern side of Careel Head with views over Dolphin Bay and Whale Beach.

Their brief was to provide a compact home that would maximize their living space and the site’s aspect, using natural materials that would weather well in the coastal environment. With a focus on comfort and a theme of “less being more”.

At the end of a narrow steep access road, a level building platform was carved into the embankment which is retained by a mass sandstone wall that was inspired by ancient stone work that our engineer observed in South America.

The house is connected to the site by a sculptured concrete core which then cantilevers to support a Zinc and Timber clad Pavilion which splays out to the north to capture the views, breezes and sun.

During summer the concrete core is shaded by the pavilion above and during the winter absorbs and stores the heat in its mass. The north facing glass of the upper pavilion is shaded in summer by anodised louvre blades which allow the sun into the building in winter.

The raw materials are expressed honestly and have been chosen for their longevity and ability to weather naturally allowing the building to blend into its environment.

Outside there are several private and protected spaces including a lap pool, paved patio, courtyards and a Barbeque area moulded into the large rock outcrop.

The house has been surrounded by Native vegetation which is flourishing and protecting the building in the harsh coastal environment.