Bay View Clareville


Architect Andrew Coomer

Photographer: Andrew Krucko

The existing home was a classic example of Mid 20th Century Modernism, structurally sound and set high on a ridge, amongst some of the largest remnant Spotted Gum Forests in the Sydney area.

The challenge was to recycle the structure without imposing on the root system or canopy of the magnificent trees that surround it. The home was expanded by cantilevering off the existing brick plinth, maintaining the original floor levels and roof line which runs parallel to the natural fall of the land. Materials used were chosen for their natural appearance, as well as their ability to weather naturally without the need for excessive sacrificial coatings.

Wide eaves reduce the heat load on the building. Indigenous plants surrounding the building further reduce the heat load, absorbing carbon and preventing soil erosion.

Adam Anderson, Director, AJ Anderson Building Pty Ltd