Adam Anderson

Founding Director

Contact Info

  • 0419 242 115


Founded in 1992, A J Anderson was brought to life by trained carpenter and skilled builder, Adam Anderson. As a Founding Director, Adam is responsible for overseeing all site works, from start to finish. He interacts with subcontractors, materials procurement and project delivery to ensure each element of the process is given the A J Anderson approval.

Adam brings his unique and experienced ability to build custom bespoke homes to his work , ensuring each projects is tackled individually and with maximum clarity to the client. He has worked at a number of locations across the Sydney area, and into Regional NSW. His ability to tackle difficult, often vertically challenging job sites has made A J Anderson the choice builder in locations such as Palm Beach, Northbridge and Mc Mahon’s Point. 

Restoration, Renovation, Extension and New build, established Adam’s portfolio as a premium home builder, and has been reinforced through several HIA and MBA awards and nominations. Adam is always seeking to challenge his skillset and produce something to meet, and exceed, the client’s expectations.